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daily reason to dance: Many Moons

Many Moons
Janelle Monáe

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Where to start? Janelle Monáe originally made her break touring with Outkast.  It’s interesting to see all of the stylistic similarities with the Hey ya! video.  I love this song – great lyrics, great beat.  The video is mesmerizing.  If you haven’t listened to the Metropolis/Chase Suite album, the end of the video won’t make much sense — basically she’s being deactivated as punishment for falling in love with a human.  I totally recommend listening to the whole album beginning to end, but March of the Wolfmasters gives the basic explanation.  Sincerely, Jane is a bit jarring at first, but really grows on you.  The live performance at Criminal Records is particularly good.  I think Violet Stars/Happy Hunting! is actually the best reason to dance on the album, but the Many Moons video is too good to miss.


>Sandwiches alla morebounce-oz


“So make your thighs like butter, easy to spread, and we can make sandwiches … out here on the danceflo’.

Yeah baby we can do it. Yeah we can make sandwiches.

I know you wanna do it. You know I wanna do it too. You can be the bun and I can be the burger, girl. Out here on the danceflo’. Come on we can do it. Yeah we can make sandwiches.”

Detroit Grand Poobahs

Listen: http://morebounce-oz.com/audio/Sandwiches.mp3

from >bounce/oz, a podcast that I forgot In the heap called my NetNewsWire account.

[Note: Looks like the morebounce feed’s not working right now. It might have been abandoned. The audio files are still up there though…]


>Free Music: Zizek Tour Sampler

Some of you might have heard today’s WNYC article Argentinian Club Music Hits New York. It’s about Zizek, the Buenos Aires club party that’s touring the US right now. The music is all based around taking traditional cumbia sounds and mixing them with modern genres like hip-hop, electro, glitch, trance, and whatever else they can cook up. The sound is pretty nice, and you can download a free tour sampler of mp3s (zipped) from the Whats Up Buenos Aires website.

Thanks to Fat Planet for posting the links.