Daily Reason to Dance

daily reason to dance: Many Moons

Many Moons
Janelle Monáe

Grooveshark | Amazon

Where to start? Janelle Monáe originally made her break touring with Outkast.  It’s interesting to see all of the stylistic similarities with the Hey ya! video.  I love this song – great lyrics, great beat.  The video is mesmerizing.  If you haven’t listened to the Metropolis/Chase Suite album, the end of the video won’t make much sense — basically she’s being deactivated as punishment for falling in love with a human.  I totally recommend listening to the whole album beginning to end, but March of the Wolfmasters gives the basic explanation.  Sincerely, Jane is a bit jarring at first, but really grows on you.  The live performance at Criminal Records is particularly good.  I think Violet Stars/Happy Hunting! is actually the best reason to dance on the album, but the Many Moons video is too good to miss.


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