Daily Reason to Dance

daily reason to dance: Super Bass

Super Bass
Nicki Minaj

You’ve got to come down slowly off such heights of meaningless shenanigans as Detroit Grand Poobahs.  Staying with the comically naughty but taking it upbeat.  He cold, he dope, he might sell coke / … / He a muthafuckin trip trip, sailor of the ship, ship. / When he make it drip, drip kiss him on the lip, lip. / … / He ain’t even gotta try to put the mac on / He just gotta give me that look, when he give me that look / Then the panties comin’ off, off, unh / …


>Sandwiches alla morebounce-oz


“So make your thighs like butter, easy to spread, and we can make sandwiches … out here on the danceflo’.

Yeah baby we can do it. Yeah we can make sandwiches.

I know you wanna do it. You know I wanna do it too. You can be the bun and I can be the burger, girl. Out here on the danceflo’. Come on we can do it. Yeah we can make sandwiches.”

Detroit Grand Poobahs

Listen: http://morebounce-oz.com/audio/Sandwiches.mp3

from >bounce/oz, a podcast that I forgot In the heap called my NetNewsWire account.

[Note: Looks like the morebounce feed’s not working right now. It might have been abandoned. The audio files are still up there though…]