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>Arriving in Washington DC, sick as a dog.

>Besides a quiet dinner with friends on Tuesday evening and a morning flight from Minneapolis to DC, I spent a straight 48 hours in bed. Fever, delirium, chills, the works … all because of a sore throat.

This morning I managed to get out of my hotel and wander around Dupont Circle. It’s interesting to see how people present themselves on the street here. The best way I can make sense of it is to remember that this city is all about power. Money is a form of power, as are influence, affiliations, titles and such. Creativity, on the other hand, is a power that this city seems to see as a secondary. People’s clothes aren’t very colorful here, and their hairstyles are relatively tame. This is not to say that people here don’t flaunt what they’ve got. It’s just that what they choose to flaunt is somewhat different.