Fruity Oaty Bar Commercial from Serenity

Found it!

Whenever I watch Serenity, I resolve to find a copy of the commercial that makes River go crazy in a bar and beat up a bunch of people. Clearly somebody made a complete commercial for use in the movie, so it must be floating around somewhere on the web. Right? Right.

The search proved more challenging than I expected. Wasn’t until I noticed one of the characters refer to “the oaty bar” that I managed to find it.

[reviewing security footage of the bar]
Mal: Go back further.
Mr Universe: No… [typing]
Mal: Uh…please?
Mr. Universe: Oh Mal. You’re very smart. Someone is talking to her. [focuses in on the commercial]
Wash: The Oaty Bar?
Mal: Subliminal… It’s a subliminal message broadwaved to trigger her.
A quick search for “oaty bar serentity” turned it up. I love it even more than I expected. Gotta get this in my iTunes.