Returned to Kathmandu

I’m back in Kathmandu for another 3-month stint.  Last time I was here my focus was just on studying and healing but I found that, in addition to all of the studying and healing, I got an impressive amount of coding done and worked with greater clarity than usual.  This time I’ve returned with the explicit intention to work on DataBindery while living at Pullahari and taking classes at Rigpe Dorje Institute.

It took me a few days to get settled in.  Today I ventured over to Thamel, the part of Kathmandu that trekkers are most familiar with.  It turns out that Thamel is also where all of the gay-oriented restaurants and cafes are.

A street filled with pedestrians in colorful autumn clothing, cluttered storefronts, dusty old buildings and an

Near Asan Tole in Thamel, Kathmandu


Bicycle Rickshaw in Thamel

I took the bus over to Thamel for 25 rupees ($0.25), wandered the crowded streets, placed some markers on my mental map, and returned to Pullahari.  I arrived at Pullahari just after sunset.  The light was beautiful.

Rigpe Dorje Institute at Twilight

Later in the evening it became a bit windy, so the view of Boudha was clearer than usual.

Rigpe Dorje Institute and Boudha at night

I uploaded these and some extra photos to an album on Google Plus.