Presentation: Why Should You Trust My Data – Code4Lib 2016

About a year ago I gave a presentation at Code4lib 2016 Why should you trust my data? Building data infrastructure that accommodates networks of trust. I forgot to add the recording and slides here on flyingzumwalt.com, so I’m adding it now. Here are the slides and the video:

My work has evolved since I gave this presentation. Most importantly, in April I published the essay The internet has been stolen from you. Take it back, nonviolently and in August I joined Protocol Labs, who are leading the work behind IPFS.  Since December I’ve also been helping the Environmental Data Governance Initiative and Data Refuge, encouraging them to see that it’s time to switch to a decentralized web — here’s an interview on zdnet and an in-depth explanation of the technical background.

On March 9th I’ll be giving a talk at Code4Lib 2017 about How the distributed web could bring a new Golden Age for Libraries. Watch the conference live stream or check here for an update with links to the slides and video of the talk.


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