Selling my SXSW Interactive Ticket

When I returned from SXSW in 2011, I said I would only return if/when I had a product to launch. Well, we’re launching DataBindery, CoCuPu and Data Curation Experts this year, so I bought a ticket for SXSW Interactive (March 8-12 2013). Then I decided to spend 3 months on sabbatical in Nepal.

Good thing SXSW makes it easy to transfer your ticket to someone else, though they do require a $125 fee to transfer it.

I just want to recoup my costs, so I’m willing to sell the ticket at cost for $845.00 USD, which is a $305 discount off the current price for a ticket on the SXSW website. Breakdown of the cost: $720 for the badge, which includes a ticket to the SXSW Taco Meet Up ($25), and $125 for the change fee.  I’ll accept payment via PayPal, but willing to make alternative arrangements.

I do not have a hotel reservation to transfer.  You’re on your own for accommodations.

If you’re interested, the best way to reach me is by emailing contact@cocupu.com or tweeting @flyingzumwalt. Expect a delay cause the internet’s unpredictable here at Pullahari.


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