Creative Culture

Reimagining the dance club

Conventional Roles @ a dance club:

  • DJ 1-4
  • Bartender 1-20
  • Bouncer 0-20
  • Willing Dancer 0-3000
  • Wallflower 12-1000


Add more roles, with goals, constraints & rewards. Draw from mythological traditions, Yidams, Organizational theory/practice & Season-driven calendar of greater & lesser holidays.

Example themes/Assignments:

  • Tribalism
  • Gender
  • Politics
  • Industry
  • Materialism
  • Class (& Class Warfare)
  • Love
  • Heat
  • Darkness
  • Water, Air, Earth, Fire
  • Etc…
  • Compassion in Action

Misc Examples of Minor Details/Rules:

  • Have an “ideas box” that gets responses within the night. Any & all ideas entertained & responded to. Farm out tickets to appropriate responders.
  • all actors mandated to breakopen circles & engage the lonely but willing
  • all actors discouraged from closing off / pairing off (or pursuing it) during public events

Constraints on personal interaction: Bollywood Rules.


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