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Spiced Mocha

This is a delicious dark chocolate variation on the Muddy’s Cubano at Muddy Waters in Minneapolis.

Bruise some cinnamon and cardamon, add them to your ground coffee beans along with a pinch of sugar.  Brew the coffee using your preferred method – I like using a caffettiera.  Meanwhile, combine dark chocolate, ginger and milk in a small saucepan.  Heat and stir until the chocolate melts and everything is blended.  Pour the coffee into mugs, add the milk mixture to it — 50/50 is coffee/milk is a good balance.  Add sugar to taste.

BTW, for spiced hot chocolate instead of a mocha, you could put the cinnamon, cardamon and ginger all into the saucepan with the milk & chocolate then pour it through a strainer when you’re done.


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