Before seeing Susan Graham perform in the Schubert Club International Series

On Tuesday January 10th, Susan Graham will be performing at the Ordway as part of the  Schubert Club International Arist Series.  Among those in attendance will be our cadre of theoroi.  The International Artist Series was started in 1893 with the intention of bringing the world’s best musicians to perform in St Paul.  In its modern form the series includes five performance per year, each a recital by one of the world’s finest musical performers.  According to the Schubert Club website

Nearly 130 years later, The Schubert Club has secured a prominent place in the history of musical organizations. It is one of the oldest arts organizations in the country, predated by among a very few, the New York Philharmonic and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The Schubert Club has brought virtually all of the world’s great recitalists to the Saint Paul stage

If you want to get a sense of what the evening will be like, here is a small sampling of Susan Graham’s work as well as recordings of other musicians performing music that’s on the program for January 10th.

Encores from an informal recital with Susan Graham and Renee Fleming

Exactly what I expect in a recital by a great operatic performer

Harpsichord-driven Baroque chamber music

A youtube video consisting entirely of Susan Graham bowing dramatically to a wash of applause.  Doesn’t it make you curious what just happened?

Selections from the Program

The evening’s program is posted on the Schubert Club website along with information about Susan Graham.  Here are recordings of some of the music from the program.

La mort d’Ophélie by Berloiz – Cecilia Bartoli singing  

Heiss mich nicht rede by Schubert – Hayley Grace Hunt singing

Schumann: So laßt mich scheinen, bis ich werde –

Franz Liszt – Mignons Lied (Kennst du das Land)

Francis Poulenc – Fiançailles pour rire

She will also be performing a bit of “popular” music by composers like Noel Coward and Cole Porter.  Here’s a sampling of that.

Susan Graham in jeans singing Summertime from Porgie & Bess

Singing Noel Coward


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