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>Inauguration Day: I won’t be in the UK


I had planned to attend the UK & Ireland Fedora Users Meeting next month, but the meeting will be on the same day as Barack Obama’s inauguration as President of the United States. I can’t bring myself to leave.
In recent years, I’ve been out of the country a lot. January 20 2009 is one day that I truly can’t justify being anywhere but home in the US to witness and celebrate a wonderful moment in history. I was in Scotland when Bush declared war on Iraq and it was infuriating. I want to be in the states to witness what I hope is, at last, the beginning of that war’s end.

For those who have not already seen it, I think this video sums up a few of the feelings I have about Obama’s poignant victory.

For a listing of the lyrics and guest appearances (with time tags), check out the YouTube page.

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