Oscars big-money dealings lead me directly to low budget internet only sci-fi.

This morning I really wanted to watch the Oscars. Don’t ask why. I just did. It was an impulse. I went to see if I could watch the Oscars online and quickly discovered that you cannot. Apparently the network execs dropped the ball on this one and defaulted back to the theory that if you ignore the web it will go away. As it turns out, if you ignore the web its the viewers that go away. Here’s how it happened for me.

Somebody on metafilter mentioned grabbing the torrent of the Oscars. I liked that idea, but first I had to dowload a copy of the the ol’ torrent client Azureus. As it turns out, Azureus is pushing a new rendition of their app called Vuze. I downloaded and installed it, but then I couldn’t figure out how to grab torrents from a URL with the new UI. I’m too lazy to put up with crap like that, and it didn’t really matter because I usually cancel torrent downloads before they’re finished anyway. They’re too goddamn slow.

Needless to say, I dropped the whole Oscar idea.

Instead, I started poking around the slick video offerings within Vuze. First, I watched a Jiu Jitsu video where they show you how to pin someone to the ground with your jaw. [I’m certainly not the first gay man to consider taking up Jiu Jitsu for purely carnal motivations…] After my little martial arts moment, I stumbled upon an episode of Sanctuary. Sanctuary is a Sci Fi series made specifically for the web, with a proper, full-on budget, production team, cast and crew. I had never heard of it, but it seems pretty well known. The whole concept is to build a show around active audience involvement online. Kinda crazy. Well I’m a sucker for any Sci Fi, from the totally campy stuff through full on Blockbuster insanity, so I’m already on episode 4.

Now here I am, my entertainment-thirst has been sated and I haven’t seen a scrap of Oscar footage. Nyah nyah.


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