>Everything tastes better with MSG

>My roommate picked up some chili sauce at a local Asian market. The label pretty much consists of the photo of some stern looking Chinese lady, a bunch of Chinese characters, and the words “Hot & Spicy Sauce”. It’s always a grab bag with these things. This jar turned out to be particularly good. I started putting it in and on everything. Italian food, Mexican, Thai, they all tasted better with this stuff on it. Out of curiosity, I checked for a list of English ingredients and discovered that my roommate had done something I never do. He had bough a jar of condiment that must be at least 50% MSG. I was delighted.

Now I know for sure that MSG is the reason why I like divey Chinese food, and I know that I am capable of using it effectively at home. A whole new world has opened to me.

You’ve been warned.


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