Musings & Adventures

>On mom’s balcony, reflecting.

>There’s nothing quite like being cooped up in your mom’s place after 5 months of solo travel. I returned to Minneapolis on the 10th of April. It didn’t make sense to get an apartment of my own until June, so I’ve been staying with my mother in her downtown condo. Between old habits and the cable TV, I’ve been completely out of sorts. I don’t feel like myself here. The late spring hasn’t helped either.

During my first week back in the USA, I spent half my time freaking about business development logistics and spent the other half of my time figuring out how to leave Minneapolis.

My second week back, the biz dev logistics freakout got the best of me, I celebrated my birthday, reconnected with some friends and discovered (again) why I love this city.

On week three I was bowled over by the JA-SIG conference, which happened to be in St Paul this year. I gave presentations on three days out of four. The info was good and the conversations were great, but my presentations could have been better.

It’s now week four and I’ve finally started meditating again. I think this is my first moment of reflection since leaving London. As I sit here and look at the midnight skyline, I’m trying to call up a bit of perspective. These past month’s travels are like a dream. This moment is like a dream. Why do I always forget to pay attention?


>Saturday Afternoon in Berlin: A snapshot of my brain at the moment


The uber cool Ruby Users Group in Minnesota has an increasingly large faction that really digs functional programming. A few months back, an offshoot group formed who aspired to tackle the eponymous Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) with the help of MIT’s OpenCourseWare. Though I’ve never finished even half of SICP, I have set out to read it on my own a number of times. Each time I come back, the supporting materials online have increased. Though my current travels prevented me from participating in the group, I subscribed to their list out of curiosity.

After a few months of stop-and-start, an email cropped up on the list pointing to another SICP study group with a similar schedule. The link referenced the inkdroid blog, which I recognized but couldn’t place. I assumed that it was one of the numerous Ruby/Rails bloggers out there, but as it turns out inkdroid is actually part of the code4lib galaxy. He also has a lot of Buddhist books on his bookshelf. Small world.

Sadly, I will be missing the code4lib conference in Portland, Oregon next week. I love the Pacific Northwest and want to hear the latest buzz from the lib-coder backrooms, but it is too far and too complicated to get there from Berlin. In the meantime, I’ve been tending to MediaShelf, launching the MediaShelf blog, discovering Berlin, meditating more, poking around on Gay Romeo (disappointing), and reading Gravity’s Rainbow.

Here’s a wonderful video from inkdroid’s feed:


>Getting all misty in transit

>I’ve been reading The Time Traveler’s Wife while flying between Minneapolis and San Antonio. It’s been a long time since a book has captured my emotions in this way. Every few chapters I come across a passage that makes my stomach drop and my eyes well up with salty droplets. I feel so silly sitting there, crying briefly in the airline terminal, in my seat on the plane, on a bench waiting for the hotel shuttle. It’s wonderful.